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Spay NJ Services for Your Special Pets

Spay NJ Services for Your Special Pets

Spaying or ovarian hysterectomy is a process in which the reproductive organs like the ovaries; the fallopian tubes and the uterus are removed in a female animal. Even though the procedure is a routine and painless for your pet and the overall success rate is excellent. Spaying is often done in puppies as young as eight weeks. It can be done in older animals as long as they are healthy. The surgeries are generally performed under anesthesia by a registered vet. The spay NJ services provide all these for your pet.

There are many misconceptions about the dog becoming lazier after the operation, but that is not the case. Both female dogs and cats can be spayed when they are in heat, which happen twice a year during spring and lasts for 3-4 weeks or also when they are pregnant. The surgeries can also be done a few days after delivery though these operations would be more time consuming and more expensive. Spay NJ will offer you all these services at much lower rate if you are a New Jersey resident, if you have taken your pet from a licensed NJ shelter, county or municipal region and most importantly licensed your dog in your municipality. They can charge you even less if you have Medicaid, food stamps and other similar services.

Spay NJ services are good for your pet as well. It has been found that spayed dogs are not that aggressive when compared to the other not spayed ones. Moreover they seem more affectionate towards people and get less irritable as they don


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